Worksmart HR Solutions Limited

Worksmart HR Solutions Limited

HR Service Success Story

Streamlining Accountancy and Income

Client Journey

The Brief

Worksmart HR Solutions Limited are committed to providing effective subscription-based HR solutions to smaller businesses who do not have the resources to appoint in-house HR specialists. They found that they spent a considerable amount of time manually completing and filing paperwork, time that should have been used helping their clients to tackle trickier situations.

With this in mind, Digital Tax Matters opted for setting Worksmart HR Solutions Limited up on both Xero and GoCardless. In doing this, they could quickly manage all of their tax-based paperwork online through the cloud-based Xero, while using GoCardless to collect direct debits from clients automatically. The combination of the two advanced platforms would completely transform the way that they worked, streamlining processes and freeing up tonnes of time.

Client Testimonial

"Couldn’t be more pleased with how Digital Tax Matters have helped me to modernise my business. GoCardless and Xero have streamlined my income, freeing me up so much that I can focus on growing my business!"


Hours Saved

Worksmart HR Solutions Limited no longer have to chase direct debits and manually complete paperwork, so save more than 250 hours a year!


Increase in Clients

Worksmart HR Solutions Limited have used their extra time to drive sales, achieving more than a 50% increase in the number of clients.


Ongoing Subscriptions

To this date, Worksmart HR Solutions Limited is running more than 2,000 client HR service subscriptions.


Platforms Used

Setting up Xero and GoCardless took a matter of minutes, yet has transformed Worksmart HR Solutions Limited.

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