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Client Journey

The Brief

Working in the heating and plumbing industry meant that RH Plumbing and Heating Limited were always on the move, travelling from client to client. Each project required meticulous paperwork to ensure that all figures were accurate and kept up to date. They needed a more efficient alternative that would save time and money while streamlining their financing processes.

As the leading cloud-based accounting software, Digital Tax Matters instantly recommended Xero to RH Plumbing and Heating Limited. Xero is on a quest to help all businesses to modernise their accounting, ensuring that all data is stored in one, easily accessible place that could be managed with ease.

To this date, RH Plumbing and Heating Limited actively use Xero to manage their businesses accounts. They have set up a number of features such as automatic invoicing, payment filing and a real-time profit calculator; all of which free up a considerable amount of time, allowing them to focus on striving for continuous growth.

Client Testimonial

"Using Xero to issue invoices, record payments and keep track of real-time profit and loss figures has allowed me to move my business forward and spend less time on paperwork – a huge thank you to Digital Tax Matters!"


Hours Saved

Transitioning over to digital accounting is saving RH Plumbing and Heating Limited more than 200 hours a year on paperwork!


Increase in Revenue

Being able to focus on growing the business rather than worrying about paperwork promotes a dramatic increase in revenue.


Projects Complete

RH Plumbing and Heating Limited have built up an exceptionally high reputation for their outstanding work.


Platform Used

This fantastic business success has been down to the use of just one digital platform, Xero.

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