We are all more than aware of the significant increase in energy costs; however, you will be pleased to know that the Chancellor has announced various support measures to ease the strain. These are mainly aimed at individuals as direct support has yet to be introduced for businesses.

What Support Is Available?

Individuals will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • All households: £400 automatically deducted from each electricity bill in October
  • Pensioners: £300 for each household that receives the winter fuel payment
  • Individuals with disabilities: £150 in September for those claiming a range of disability benefits (including the attendance allowance)
  • Other claimants: £650 split over two instalments paid in July and the Autumn for those claiming various means-tested benefits (including pension credit)
  • Council tax payers: £150 for those with homes in council tax bands A to D

If you are claiming means-tested benefits, you must have commenced your claim by the 25th of May 2022; otherwise, you will not receive payments.

Do The Grants Need To Be Paid Back?

All of these support measures are tax-free grants, meaning they do not need to be repaid and are ignored for state benefit calculations. The grants will be paid directly by HMRC or the DWP into your bank account.

Most local councils have already paid the £150 rebate to those who pay council tax by direct debit; however, those who pay by other means may need to make a separate claim. Local councils have also been given additional funds to provide targeted support to those in greatest need.