As we begin to see some normality and staff are returning to work, keeping Covid-19 under control will be essential. With this in mind, employers are now able to register for free rapid lateral flow test to distribute amongst their workforce.

Introducing Rapid Covid-19 Tests To The Workplace

The free Covid-19 tests available should be used on employees who are not showing any symptoms of the virus and cannot work from home (for example, retail staff). Through these tests, it will now be possible to identify individuals who are infected with Covid-19 but do not show any symptoms, preventing them from infecting others without realising. In the instance where a test comes back positive, the individual must be sent home to isolate and will need to order a PCR test, which can be taken at a secure test site or at home.

These are basic test kits and have been provided by the government for free; there is no tax charge on this benefit to employees. They are designed only to be used in the workplace and should not be taken home by employees. If you would like to have a private provider that organises and runs workplace testing, this will be a paid service.

The lateral flow test kits are only available to businesses registered in England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have made other arrangements for companies.